I've been working on my genius hour and finished drawing a few pictures that I actually like. But now that I think about presenting the drawing, I've realized that I don't have much to say. So now everything's harder. My drawings came out pretty good. I learned that I am really slow at drawing, so I need to take my time and I cannot get distracted. And these were the results of me attempting to draw. 
As you know, I am drawing for my genius hour. I was drawing a picture to do with nature, but then I decided to restart everything and draw something else. Now I'm trying to figure out, once again, what to draw. The picture I was drawing before was not bad, but it just didn't seem like something I wanted to draw anymore. I realized that if you just pick a picture off the internet and just start drawing it without caring much about, it won't look as good as you want it to be. I'm going to try and find a picture that I would really like to draw. That way, I will have an interest in drawing and be more passionate about the picture I'm drawing. 

I don't really have a great resource of anything so far. My biggest challenge so far is that I don't have much time to draw because I'm always busy. If I don't have time to draw, then I'll never finish my drawing. I think my visualizing skills got better because I think more about how I want my drawing to look, rather than just finding a picture on Google and just drawing it. I hope that my drawing comes out to look realistic but if it doesn't, then at least a well put together drawing. 
At the moment I have started my drawing for starting off the comparison. Then, I have to draw the same picture again, after researching the techniques of drawing. I am going to research how to make a drawing look realistic which is mostly shading and tone. My next step is to finish the first drawing, so I can start the next. I can't say as much of what I've learnt so far, because it’s just the starting and I'm going to start my realistic drawing research when I start my second drawing.

I got many tips from a website (http://www.learn-to-draw.com/shading/). I got a very good tip of not distracting yourself when you are drawing. You are not suppose to keep touching your computer or laptop if the picture you are drawing is on your laptop. It was recommended that you keep your desktop timing to the longest, so you don’t have to keep checking your laptop. There were also tips for basic drawing: tone, shading, materials you need, artistic thinking modes, lines, shapes and shadows. (http://www.learn-to-draw.com/drawing-basics/default.shtml) Now, I just hope the drawing will come out good. 

For my genius hour I have decided to draw. I picked drawing for my genius hour because I like to doodle when I am bored and I think that if I improve, I can become much better.  So far, I've been researching on different types/ styles of drawing and some tips. I want to mostly work on realistic drawing because I see some drawings others have drawn, and they look amazing because they look real. So I want to improve on my drawing, to make it look real. Since drawing is a hands on type of skill, it will take a while to improve because you have to take your time and not rush. I haven’t improved on my drawing skills yet, but I will soon. So far, I've used Google to research the types of drawing and used Youtube to get some tips on realistic drawing. There’s not much tips on Google about realistic drawing, it’s mainly about the history of the specific type of drawing, so that’s when I decided to use Youtube as a second resource.

Since I used Google and Youtube so far, neither of them are the greatest resource because they haven’t quite helped me yet. Maybe, I might ask a friend who is very good at drawing, to help me out a little and find a book with some good techniques. My next step is to draw something the way I draw at the moment and then to draw the same thing using the techniques I have found. Then compare them to see my improvements. I hope that by the end of drawing both of the pictures I will have a big improvement and it looks good. 

I believe that school does kill creativity. Students are made to work individually most of the time and therefore do not express their creativity. Plus us students have to sit in a classroom in the early morning, tired, working on worksheets, not really saying their ideas. This is what I think about school killing creativity.
Hi, my name is Angili Narayani and I am fifteen years old. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I am creative, funny and unique in my own way. I always have a negative view on everything and I don't really know why. My mother is Fijian but my brother and myself are Canadian. My mother is one of the most caring person while my brother is the most annoying person in my life. I like to hang out with family on a nice day, to just sit and relax or to go out with friends. I like to play basketball, volleyball and read novels, but if the novel is not interesting by maybe the second chapter, I won't read it. I don't like bees, spiders or any insect. One of my favourite movies is "The Mortal Instruments" and one of my favourite books is "The Hunger Games".  I like playing basketball because when I was younger, I would always watch my cousins play basketball, so I learned things from them. I like to play volleyball because it's just fun in general. I hope to get a good job when I am older so I can have a fun life. I can go to places that I've always wanted to go. This is a little about me.

Angili Narayani Planning 10